25 August 2011

Blog update: The "Jayme Is A Whiner, So Here's a New Post" edition

I have no photo to share today, a head full of ache, and chest full of phlegm.  It's a very happy time in my world...but I bought new wheel nuts and skate laces today from skate shop Steve, and a fantastic chicken salad sandwich from a hemp-scented hermaphrodite.  So at least there's that.   

Though I sort of feel like I'm dying at the moment (cough, sputter, whine!), I must report that I managed my first actual sort of scrimmage at practice on Tuesday.  That was my first bit of derby-ish looking derby, and if the fun of skating hasn't been enough to hook me, that definitely did it!!!  Of course I made some mistakes while doing it, but overall I was pleased with how I handled myself out there.  Now I really want to slam my shoulder hard into someone...but of course, that ain't totally kosher in rec league, and I rather like the girls and don't want to piss them off.

Sunday, 'ol Morgs and I took our beast legs to the Concord Rd. greenway and skated the living hell out of it!!  We went....wait for it....10 FREAKING MILES!!!!!  WHAAAATT??!?!?!  That's the longest I've ever travelled on my feet...on purpose...all at once.  I was wiped out after that, yet still managed to go grocery shopping and make a layer cake...the domestic goddess that I am.  That greenway is amazing for endurance and speed in general.  I love that feeling of going so fast through the trees, its incredible!  Toward the end I got a bit tired and slipped off the trail and landed on my ass...I have the best bruise ever, right across my crack.  And NO I will not be photographing and posting that one. 

There's been an extra hour of straight forward, Jayme-taught skating skills (for newbies) added to every other rec practice that is exponentially helpful.  I HAVE to master these basics so I can later cram all kinds of derby strategy in my head. 

I felt steadier than ever on Tuesday...each skate always gets easier and easier.  There's always so much more to work on though and I am desperate and insane about wanting to get it to all sink in at once.  I need to back off a day or two, I am realizing.  I've been kind of over-doing some things, which is likely why I feel so rubbishy.  I'm hoping for a trip to the greenway tonight, and then tomorrow I will rest.  :)  I always have to fit just one more in.   
Oh geeeeez, I want a cookie...I can't think of anything else to type because of that.  Chocolate chip.  Mom-made. And warm.


  1. hope you got that cookie deary. you've worked your ass off alot these days - you totally deserve it AND you're sick - so you double deserve it!

  2. I was wondering how you were. Sick? Do you need some TLC? I can bring you some chicken soup!

    Im psyched for Tuesday. Agenda: go over sober sailors and sticky skating like you mean it (aka with force and speed). We will also be gettin low- get low, get low, get low. And some more single leg pushing (aka scooter drills). We can also do off skates anytime you ladies want.

  3. You can refer to the above as, Comment update: The "Jayme Is A Dedicated Friend, So Here's a New Reply" edition =P

  4. Feel better, lady! Hope you really did play hooky today. :)