10 August 2011

Thank you Lexapro!

Psycho anxiety has eased it's way on down the road for the time being.  Thank you hormones and life for that titillating ride...I'm ready to walk now.  I'm still not sleeping though, because I'M SO DAMN EXCITED!!!!!!  I love my new house so, so much!!!  It's cozy and girly and smells like jelly beans...AND I don't have a couch right now so I can skate in my living room (hardwood floors, what?!?!?)!!!

It looks like this: 
It's a tiny little shoebox and it's all mine!!!

 AND, if you come to visit me from out of state, or you're just too drunk to drive home, you get to stay here:

Isn't this the most precious guestroom EVER??  Don't you want to come visit me now?!?! You get to sleep with a sock monkey!! (This is a cat-free zone, for those with allergies...but absolutely no puking or other bodily fluids on that bed, people!)

I didn't get much skating accomplished since last week's (what I perceived to be) abysmal practice...but this week I'm happier and settled (my house was moved and unpacked in 2 days!!  I win!!) and had a crazy skate with Amy and Morgan at CIRCUS WORLD!  There is and always will be a special place in my heart for Circus World...it's small, hot, smelly, full of carnival kitschery (new word!), and unsupervised children.  It's actually kind of great because there's hardly anyone on the floor...and I kind of think when we go plowing our way on there in our pads (protective gear, not maxi...though maybe maxi, i don't usually ask other girls about that) we kind of intimidate the hell out of some people so they leave.  The funniest thing happened though...these little girls approached us as we were removing some gear and said we were "amazing skaters" and that they hope we win.  We had quite the laugh over that...our very first fans!  Go team!  They must not have witnessed all the falls I managed to throw in there, not on purpose.  The ass/thigh bruise has returned, folks, better than ever!  I've been sequestering my dislocated thumb inside my wrist guard now, which seems to keep me from re-injuring it....though it makes me have a sort of paw left over to use.  Apparently thumbs are important.  By the way...my sport injuries have now completely surpassed any of my brother's basketball injuries!!  Who's the toughest kid now, guys?!?!  eh!?!  (<--that's Canadian!)  Take that Real Estate and Basketball!!  (P.S. I actually do like my brother...I just find my hobbies more interesting, and sibling rivalry must be preserved at all cost.  He may be able to sell buildings now and make babies, but I can hit bitches on wheels!!  right?!?!!!)

Last night...practice was finally not 100 degrees!!  There were only 6 of us, 7 if you count the newbie that just skated around the outside (bless her; a few weeks ago that was me!).  A bunch of girls passed the skills test on Sunday and therefore are NRG trainees (Jayme wins!!)...so proud of them!!...so the rec league has thinned out a bit.  I rather missed them all...it's kind of more fun to skate when challenged by really good skaters.  Not that the ones left aren't good...it just kind of turned into a "coddle the newbies" practice.  I kind of like to learn by being thrown in to something difficult...I'll try it if I can do it, but otherwise I'll watch and figure it out.  I don't like a pat on the head and monotonous, repetitive instruction...that makes me want to punch things.  It will get better though...and regardless, it was still practice.  Morgan started yesterday and kicked ass! 

I'm contemplating some new wheels now...because I'm getting frustrated with the soft 88's the skate shop fit me with.  Anyone derby that reads this, can you please advise me?  Should I go for a 91 or up to a 93?  I want something grippy, but faster.  I'm considering these for right now because they are a bit wider:  The blue one is a 91.  Any feedback?  Also, how the hell do I pick out bearings?

I suppose I should actually work while I'm at work now, huh.  Blast.  


  1. get the bones reds if you want new bearings, they are cheap and the best. or so i hear. from every damn person that's ever skated.

  2. I have these in black (91a). http://www.lowpriceskates.com/radar-zodiac.aspx

    Most of the girls skate on Atom Jukes, I think 93a

    Asphalt Beach gives 15% off for Derby, they may for Rec league too!!