24 February 2012


The other day the incredibly talented and super sweet, Wild Cherri, asked me about my wicked-awesome Antiks.  Let me give you a little back-story before I get on with the Q&A.

I have been apart of Team Antik for just over a year now. I am completely honored that Quadzilla asked me to be apart of his team, along with some incredibly talented skaters (check them out here).  I was very cautious at first, and kind of nervous to try out this new skate boot.  After some convincing and reminding myself that I had nothing to lose, I finally agreed...and I haven’t looked back!  I know Antik technically sponsors me, but I can honestly say I would not be sponsored by something I did not believe in and I told Quadzilla this before I signed on.  I was okay with it not working out and sending them back.  However, that was definitely not the case! Using the Antik skate boot has been one of the best things I've done for myself to improve my performance. They complement my aggressiveness and need for superior support.  If you or someone you know has been considering the Antik, then the following Q&A is worth a read. Enjoy!

Jamming for Quad Skate Terrors
Photo by: Earl Sod

Wild Cherri: Do they provide more ankle support than a speed boot?
Rambo:  I went from the Riedell 195 to the Antik, holy shit balls are they completely different. I too wanted more ankle support, but was afraid I'd lose my angles with such a high boot. But no ma'am! I was sure wrong. In fact I feel like they are apart of my foot-an extension, if you will. Like they’re the best pair of running shoes, but with wheels.

WC: Do you lace them up all the way?
Bo: I do not. I go up to the second to last eyelet and do not cross them in the back. I feel his allows me more maneuverability. I felt too constricted when I did the full lace. But I have teammates that like the full lace. That's one the things I like about the boot, you can have as much or as little support/customization that you want.

WC: Does your foot move around inside?
Bo: No! This is what I really needed, no movement. My previous boot was loose but adding socks and liners made the boot feel like it was coming off my foot. It was kind of a nightmare. The Antik is so snug and comfortable. I've coached all day boot camps and bouted that evening with no discomfort, no aching feet. Nothing.

WC: Are they easy to break in?
Bo: Yes! I know this is hard to believe. Hell, I didn't believe it until I had to break them in. I broke them in by lacing them up loosely to start and as the weeks progressed tightened them. I have NEVER had a blister with the Antiks. WHAT?!!? Yeah. They feel like they're an extension of my body. I feel more confident to do jumps and fancy spins, and press harder and faster on the turns. They definitely added to my game.

WC: What size shoe do you wear, what size Antik?
Bo: Shoe: 9 ish, (9 1/2 chuck taylors) Antik: 7 1/2

Getting awesomely blocked by fellow Team Antik skater, Smarty Pants
Photo by: Axle Adams

WC: How long have you been on them?
Bo: First bout was June 2011, I got them around April 2011. (I wanted to change out the plate and that took about a month to complete and really get on them.)

WC: Are they holding up pretty good?
Bo: Yes, despite a few minor things that I got fixed. I ripped the tongue early on. Riedell replaced it at no cost. (If you didn't know, Riedell makes them so you know you can trust the craftsmanship) I also had a small issue with the sole and Riedell also fixed that (at the same time as my tongue). I'm fairly rough on them-skating a lot indoors and outdoors/street skating. I've been very pleased with their durability.

WC: If you needed a new boot tomorrow would you replace with a new Antik?
Bo: Absolutely and I am! I just ordered a new set!

Rambo's brand new Antiks!!
Plates mounted by Steve at
Asphalt Beach.

WC: What don't you like?
Bo: When the tongue ripped, that sucked. But after Riedell replaced it, no problems. I believe there was an issue with some of the foam early in production. Now changes have been made in how it’s produced which has made it stronger and more durable. When I was breaking them in, the leather at the top of the boot rubbed my ankle raw. So I had to wear tall socks for a little while until the leather softened. Other than that, I can honestly say I have no complaints about the boot.

If you have any questions, post them in the comment section below and I'll do my best to answer them. 

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  1. Where can I find the Antik size charts? I've been all over the web searching for one! I'm a size 8-81/2 womens, 9.5 inches on a ruler. I really want to order Antiks (Spyder) but have no idea what sizes!