28 February 2012

Sam and Allyse...I mean, Rambo and Pixie!

Pre-derby Rambo swagger. 
As I've stated before, I LOVE new skaters.  Their excitement, their giddiness...it’s intoxicating! I love hearing about the first this or that as they go along in the process of becoming a full league member able to be rostered.  It’s very exciting.  Seeing and hearing about all their progress is very rewarding and inspiring.  I think it’s one of the many things that help veterans stay excited about derby; that fresh excitement coming in waves throughout the year, I love it!

Have you ever wondered if anyone you went to high school with plays derby? I often did.  A few months ago, I was reconnected with a girl I graduated with (through facebook, where else?!?).  In fact we went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together.  I’ll admit we were not the best buddies ever, but we were more than acquaintances.  Turns out, she was a derby athlete in training.  Yeah!  I take no claim in her success; she’s a little spit-fire and looked rather natural on her skates.  It did not surprise me at all that she was becoming a derby athlete. She’s athletic, quirky, DIY, and spunky--totally fit the bill.

In January, I went home and skated with Granite State Roller Derby.  Yeah 603!  (Awesome fact about New Hampshire, we’re so rad we only have ONE area code! You can put that little nugget in your Trivial Pursuit brain file.)  Anyhoo, turns out this little fresh meat HS buddy of mine was pretty damn good!  Since then, she’s been texting me about her process of becoming a full pledge member of GSRD and trying out for their All Stars.  It’s been so great to hear about someone else’s experience, especially someone I’ve known for such a long time.  The milestones: first time she’s called by her derby name, her first REAL scrimmage against another league, her tryout process for the A team…it’s been great to be a bystander.  All I offer is advice from time to time and words of encouragement.  She’s such a rad girl and I’m so happy she has derby in her life.  And BANG BISCUIT!  She just made GSRD Legislashers (All Stars)!

Pixie Howl, Granite City Roller Derby
Is there some over arching moral on this?  Not really.  I just wanted to brag about a girl I knew when I had to play the recorder in music class, when I played field hockey for one season-hated it and stole the plaid skirt (punk rock bitches-I still have it 14 years later), and when I had the sweetest purple hair ever!  Still knowing and being friends with the people you went though all that growing up shit with is something special.  It’s like they have massive amounts of blackmail on you but you have the same amount on them.  So it’s like you’ve got a truce going on. (What?)

So yeah, reconnect, love each other, and go new skaters!



  1. i love this article...and i remember...vividly when you looked like that...blackmail?

  2. Those were some ALYND and Ward 4 days. TRUCE!