04 May 2012

Injured Quick n' Dirty: Upper Body Injury #2

Lady Fury; Nashville Rollergirls - Alexandra Lee Photography

Upper Body Injury: Workout #2

60 Plyo Lateral Jumps 
(if jumping aggravates your injury, step instead of jump)

100 bicycle crunches (Right and left=1 rep)

5 squats, 5 forward lunges, 5 back ward lunges 
(lunges are on each leg) x10

1-30 foot Shuffle run (out and back) and 10 scissor jumps (right and left=1 rep) x7

100 fast feet

Feel free to combine the lateral jumps and bicycle crunches. For example, you could do 15 jumps/20 crunches and repeat until finished.  Do the last 3 in order-do not combine or go back and forth. The repetition and fast pace is meant to get your heart pumping. Feel the burn!

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